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Retzef (Hebrew for Sequence) is the digital fruit
of collaboration between Dancers, Musicians and Video.
This Israeli exhibition is a unique and daring attempt
at delivering raw emotion by allowing artists
from different worlds to "collide".
Wrapping it all up in the vibrant,

surreal, and colorful videos,
directed by the multidisciplinary artist Gil Nemet.


Produced by Bouras - House of Independent Art​

artistic management: Dudu Hemed

production, photography, design: Maayan Kaufman

production shooting days: Livnat Flechner

production: Noa Babayof | Tal Label


Production Team


director, photography and editing: Gil Nemet |

video photographer: Almog Dahan |

makeup: Tanya Beauty

Kol-Tech Sound & Light

lighting and setting design: Yossi "zak-zak" Ben David |

set and light operations: Mor Avitan and Matias daniel

The Performing Arts Center Beer-Sheva 

deputy director: Yigal Roitman |

head of maintenance department: Itzik Shlomo

pr: liron Pinhasi (

digital marketing: Eyal Bason

logo design: Effie Kishon



  Shlomi Numa | Yair Nagid | Shiraz Lavi | Nuriel Shabbat | Naftali Golan

Shiran Adi | Liran Michaeli



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“Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order.”



 Samuel Beckett

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